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The Spark woodshop leads have assembled instructional guides for the commonly used Spark power tools. These guides are used to teach classes. Members who have woodworking experience and want to get signed off on access to the tools should review these guides and the associated manufacturer's manuals prior to meeting with the Woodshop Leads. More information is available on the Woodshop Access page.

Some tools do not yet had guides and teaching material made. Sometimes, this is because low usage of the tool has not yet justified a guide. In these instances, the guide space reads "E-mail Leads." If you have a need to use these tools, e-mail the Woodshop Leads to set up a time for instruction. Other tools do not yet had guides because the teaching material is still being compiled, as is the case with the CNC machine and the lathes. These tools are marked in red in the table below and are not yet available for student sign-off.

Tool Spark Guide Manual(s)
Air Tools Guide Brad Nailer, BN138
Brad Nailer, BN200SB
Air Compressor
Bandsaws Guide Powermatic Bandsaw
Jet Bandsaw
CNC Router Coming Soon Spindle Router
X-Carve Website
Drill Press Guide Drill Press
Jointer Guide Jointer
Lathe Coming Soon Lathe
Miter Saw Guide Miter Saw
Planer Guide Planer
Router Table E-mail Leads Router
Scroll Saw E-mail Leads Scroll Saw
Table Saw Guide Table Saw
Portable Power Tools Guide Belt Sander
Palm Sander
Circular Saw
Drill, Cordless
Drill, DeWalt DW106
Drill, Hammer
Drill, Ryobi D41
Jigsaw, DeWalt
Jigsaw, Porter Cable
Router, Trim (Bosch)
Router, Plunger (DeWalt)
Angle Grinder E-mail Leads Angle Grinder
Biscuit Joiner E-mail Leads Not Available
Oscillating Tool E-mail Leads Oscillating Tool
Power Plane E-mail Leads Power Plane