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For safety, the Spark Woodshop must control access to the space and the individual machine tools. Only Spark Members are allowed access to the woodshop tools. To gain access to the shop, follow the steps below. We look forward to seeing you in the shop!

I want to get into the shop!

The first step of accessing the Spark Woodshop is reading through the General Rules and Policies. Once you’ve read through them, e-mail the Woodshop Leads. We’ll schedule a time to sit down, answer questions, discuss the shop, and sign off on shop access. This will allow members access to the space and the hand tool wall.

I want to. . .

. . . learn to use the power tools.

Classes and instruction are available in the shop on a regular basis. Classes are open to both members and non-members, and can be found on the Spark Eventbrite page. New classes are announced on the Spark website, the Spark Facebook page, and through mailings from the Spark Fearless Leader Executive Director, Casey Moran. Class descriptions will usually identify which tools you will get approved for use on. We try to offer classes that cover the interests and needs of our members, so if you have an idea for a class that you’d like to see us offer, let us know.

. . . get access to power tools I already know how to use.

If you already have experience with woodworking tools, you can bypass the classes by demonstrating to use that you are competent and safe. The first step is to review the Spark rules for the tools, which are found on the Woodshop Tools page. Because Spark has a wide range of both equipment and users, we have some requirements and restrictions which may not apply to a job site or home shop. Once you’ve read through the Spark rules, e-mail the Woodshop Leads with a list of the specific tools you’d like to be approved to use. We’ll set up a shop visit, and if you can convince us that you are a safe operator on the tools, we’ll sign you off for use of those tools.

. . . do a project, but don’t know how to use all the tools I need.

If you have a particular project you’d like to work on, but need additional instruction on one or two tools, let us know. We’ll try to help you learn the tools or techniques you need to finish the project at hand. Please keep in mind that the Leads have full-time jobs and obligations outside of Spark, so expect some delay before we are able to find time for instruction.

. . . ask a question which is not answered here.

If you have any other questions, the e-mail address for the Woodshop Leads is [email protected]. Alternately, you can write them on a $20 dollar bill, place them in an envelope sealed with duct tape, and mail them to:

Power Tool Addiction Treatment Fund

C/O Spark Makerspace
7 Union Street

New London, CT 06320