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* [[Fiber Arts]]
* [[Fiber Arts]]
* [[Stained Glass]]
* [[Stained Glass]]
* [[Printmaking + Painting and Drawing]]
* [[Printmaking, Painting, and Drawing]]
* [[Coworking]]
* [[Coworking]]

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Spark Makerspace is a makerspace in beautiful, sunny, downtown, New London, Connecticut. We are a community of makers, hackers, artists, artisans, and creative individuals.

Spark is governed by its Board of Directors, with input from its Member Council. Day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Director. Each workstation is maintained by one or more Leads.

Read our Code of Conduct and Bylaws. And we have a to-do list that you can refer to if you want to help us fill in wiki content.

This wiki is hosted on the VM Lab.

Getting Started at Spark

Getting started with MediaWiki

Be excellent to each other!

Learn about each of our workstations


Spark has a number of regular meetups.



Problems with anything wiki-related? Ping the Electronics Leads.