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Spark's Electronics Lab is the home of Spark's electronics, soldering, PCB assembly, robotics, and 3D Printing tools and equipment.

Electronics Lab Rules

  • 0. Don't burn down Spark.
  • 1. Don't be on fire.
  • 2. Respect test equipment ratings.
  • 3. If you don't know how to use the equipment, ask someone qualified to teach you.
  • 4. When using more than one channel on a piece of test equipment, be careful of "ground loops".
  • 5. Clean up your project before leaving for the day.
  • 6. If something is broken or needs adjustment, fix it or adjust it, if you know how, or post about it on the forum so someone else can do it.
  • 7. If you are directly interfacing your circuit with line voltage (115VAC), always have someone else check what you’re doing before you plug in and then stick around while you work for safety.
  • 8. If you take tools from a different area, return them when you’re done or else people get cranky.
  • 9. If someone’s in the groove, don’t bother them.


Notes on specific tools will be forthcoming as we write them.

Also: Helping Hands, board vises, assorted pliers/wire strippers/cutters/screwdrivers.

Orientation/Safety Training

Orientation/Safety Training is required before using the Electronics Lab. Stop by Electronics Night or reach out to the Electronics Leads to arrange an orientation.


We do our best to keep the Electronics Lab stocked with solder, heat-shrink tubing, wire, and various connectors. We don't charge for these supplies, but ask that if you find you're using a noticeable quantity that you make a donation or purchase replacements for us. This allows us to keep the Lab stocked and ready for tinkering by all!

Rackspace and VMs

Spark has a pretty ok internet connection. If you'd like to host your server at Spark, chat with the Electronics leads. Spark has limited on-premises server resources, but there is capacity available if you want to host a small service or play around a bit.

Class Materials

We have a supply of Raspberry Pi 3 Model Bs, Arduino Unos, and ESP8266s for use in classes. If you're interested in teaching a class using one of these platforms, please talk to the Electronics Leads!

Personal Storage

Leaving personal projects in the Electronics Lab is not permitted without a prior 👍 from one of the Electronics Leads. If you're working on something small enough to fit it in a Locker, please stow it there. If not, please ask before leaving something behind. Unapproved projects or materials left behind will be disposed of or repurposed accordingly. Similarly, if you leave tools in the Electronics  Lab, they will be considered available for use. If you don't want to share, take it home with you.

Help! Something is broken!

Please email the Electronics Leads at [email protected].


We have a weekly meetup. All are welcome. More details on Electronics Night.

Wish List

Check out or add to the Electronics/Technology wish list here.


- Python 3 Crash Course

Be excellent to each other

Be excellent to each other