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The Spark Electronics Crew maintains a number of services on the Spark Network for which one might occasionally need remote access. As a component of this workflow, we maintain a VPN (Virtual Private Network) system that enables remote access to the Spark Local Area Network.

If you need remote access to any non-public service at Spark, please email the Spark Electronics Leads with an explanation of what you need and we'll do our best to accommodate.

VPN Details

Spark's VPN uses the PiVPN implementation of OpenVPN. The server is a virtual machine in the Spark Proxmox cluster

Getting a credential

OpenVPN uses a cryptographic credential to verify a user's permission to tunnel into the Spark network remotely. You'll need one of these credentials, an .ovpn file, and a VPN client software, to connect. Reach out to the Spark Electronics Leads if you need a credential. Services such as this wiki may require only a username and password, and not a VPN credential.

Connecting to the VPN

To connect, you'll need a VPN client software

Windows: OpenVPN Downloads Page MacOS: Tunnelblick Linux: Your package manager should have an openvpn package. Otherwise, there are tutorials available specific to your distribution.