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We've got a pile of servers in a room. That room is behind the refrigerator. It's like Narnia, but with a doorway instead of a wardrobe.

Don't unplug anything (power or network) without talking to the Electronics Leads. Once you've done that, they'll probably tell you to go nuts.

We occasionally allow member projects/equipment in our rack on a case-by-case basis. Once again, show up at Electronics Night or ping the Electronics Leads if this is of interest to you.

Important things in the server room

  • Modem
  • Access Point
  • Proxmox cluster (see VM Lab)
    • pfsense Router (virtualized)
    • VPN Server (virtualized)
  • Wired LAN access
  • Access Control Controller (See Executive Director for override key to keep front door open for an event)
  • misc