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VM Lab

The Spark Nerds maintain a hardware lab for virtual machines, with limited capacity for member projects/hosting. If you have questions, reach out to the Electronics Leads.

The VM Lab runs on a combination of ESXi and MAAS instances.

The Spark Proxmox server can be accessed here from within the Spark network by those with credentials.

We have a Rancher instance running here accessible from within the Spark network. ping the Electronics Leads if you want access. Note that our cluster is SMALL and only suitable for testing and exploration of Kubernetes.

Most Spark systems are administered by the sparkadmin user, but sometimes the root user is still used. If you need access to a particular system, ping the Electronics Leads.

NOTICE 23 November 2021: The VM Lab is in the process of coming back up at 225. As of 23 November 2021, this wiki is currently hosted on a VPS instance at Vultr.

Available Space

Depending on project lifecycles, we may have rack space or virtual compute space available for member use. Contact the Electronics Leads for more information.

Active Projects hosted on the VM Lab

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