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Work area with all the tools necessary to complete your stained glass projects, including cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering your glass. Our lead Valerie is here to help you learn to use the space safely and enjoyably. Classes occur regularly to introduce tools and techniques to both members and non-members, and qualified Spark members may use the shop at any time. To get certified, members should check the "Rules and Access" section below, or talk to the Stained Glass lead, who can be reached by email at [email protected].


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  • We offer many beginner-friendly stained glass classes! Our introductory Stained Glass Strip Panels 2-day workshop is one of our more popular classes, in which participants learn the steps of creating a stained glass project, from start to finish. They create a custom, colorful panel to hang in the window. We also offer a six-week introductory class that is more involved yet still perfect for a beginner. The student will be taught the skills of glass selection, pattern setup, scoring and breaking glass, grinding, foiling, soldering, and framing to complete a stained glass panel from a selection of beginner-level patterns.

Reach the lead by email at [email protected]

Rules and Access

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Classes and Projects, and Meetups

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