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Drawing and Painting: Easels, lightboxes, drawing boards, and matting equipment fill our drawing and painting area, and multiple naturally lit spaces are available for your project.Print Making: Brayers, cutters, inks, presses, and so much more: everything you need to print using woodblocks, linoleum, stencils, and other creative printmaking methods. Our leads are here to help you learn to use the space safely and enjoyably. Classes occur regularly to introduce tools and techniques to both members and non-members, and qualified Spark members may use the shop at any time. To get certified, members should check the "Rules and Access" section below, or talk to the Printmaking lead, who can be reached by email at [email protected].


Nike Lead Shot.jpg
  • Hi, I'm Nike. I am interested in thoughtful, generous, and silly things. I like zines, candy, punchy, manifesto-like statements, and I'm a really good helper. I am also a lead of the printmaking station here, and can help you out whenever you have any questions about screen printing!

Reach the lead by email at [email protected]

Rules and Access

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Classes and Projects

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