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Everything from quilting to leatherworking can be done in this station, using basic-to-industrial machines for sewing/serging, cutters, needles, and all the basics needed for your project. We have several sewing machines, serger, and lots of material. Leads are here to help you learn to use the space safely and enjoyably. Classes occur regularly to introduce tools and techniques to both members and non-members, and qualified Spark members may use the shop at any time. To get certified, members should check the "Rules and Access" section below, or talk to one of the Fiber Arts leads, who can be reached by email at [email protected].


Sherri.jpg Melinda.jpg
  • Hi, I'm Sherri. I have been sewing since I was a kid. I enjoy learning, teaching, and exploring all sorts of arts!
  • I am Melinda. I am addicted to making. I love to teach and am always up to try new crafts!

Reach the leads by email at [email protected]

Rules and Access

Coming Soon


Tool Manual(s)
Serger - Singer 14 U44B Media:Serger - Singer 14 U44B.pdf
Serger - Hobbylock 603A Media:Serger Hobbylock 603A-manual-EN.PDF
Serger - Mylock 634d Media:Serger Mylock 634d.pdf
Sewing Machine - Kenmore 385 Media:Sewing Machine Kenmore 38515518000.pdf
Sewing Machine - Singer 237 Media:Sewing Machine Singer 237.pdf
Sewing Machine - Singer 2932 Media:Sewing Machine Singer 2932.pdf
Sewing Machine - Singer 5508 5528 Media:Sewing Machine Singer 5508 5528 1.pdf
Sewing Machine - Singer 6201 6211 Media:Sewing Machine Singer 6201 6211.pdf
Sewing Machine - Singer Slant-o-matic 401A Media:Sewing Machine Singer Slant-o-matic 401A.pdf
Sewing Machine - White 1550 (Stretch Stitch) Media:Sewing Machine White 1550 (Stretch Stitch).pdf

Classes and Projects

Coming Soon


Coming Soon