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3D Printing at Spark is supported by the Electronics Leads and Autodrop3D's Cloud design/print platform and offers printer access to members.

I have a design in mind, where do I start?

To 3D print your idea, you'll need a 3D model in the STL format (or created through Autodrop3D's cloud CAD platform. Not sure where to start? Stop by and chat with the 3D printing nerds at Electronics Night.

Already have CAD software of choice? We have members with experience in jsketcher, Fusion 360, Siemens NX, FreeCAD, and others. If someone at a meetup can't give you a hand or the tip you're looking for, we're happy to point you toward someone who can.

Can I touch the 3D Printers?

No. Seriously.

The Spark Nerds spend a lot of time keeping the 3D printers tuned and operational, and we've found that as folks tinker with them, things quickly get out of whack. We'd love to have you get 3D printing, but if you have a hardware question, please bring it up at Electronics Night or with the Electronics Leads. If you're interested in having a change made or tuning something specific, we'd love to work with you. Our primary goal is to keep the 3D printers running for everyone.

I have an STL file already. how do I print?

  • Head to go.autodrop3d.com and create an account.
  • Send an email to the Electronics Leads with the username and email address you used to register.
  • We'll add you to the Spark Members organization and let you know once you're set (usually within a couple of hours).
  • Take note of the Autodrop3D Printing Guidelines here.
  • Upload an STL to the Autodrop site, create an order, and watch for the email when it's done.
  • If you have any issues getting started, pop in on Electronics Night and ask, or reach out to the Electronics Leads.